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 The JANBY Track is a monthly subscription in which we provide the necessary software and hardware to take your Sous Vide Cooking to the next level.

The complete solution to cook and regenerate

A very simple work system that helps improve the management of resources and times in the kitchen, since the JANBY Track is in charge of controlling quality parameters.

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JANBY Station
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SmartVide Mini


A wide variety of functionalities that adapt to your kitchen:

⌛ Control times and temperatures of each elaboration.

🔎 Generate traceability labels.

📑 Centralize the information of the elaboration by product.

📱 Share your product information with others.

📍 Associate each product with corresponding location.


👩‍🍳 Professional kitchens. Offer a greater variety of menu and maximize the management of processes in your kitchen

🕑 Production kitchens. Decouple food preparation and preservation operations from retherming and service.

🏪 Franchices. Scale your recipes ensuring they are all cooked equally and alert if the process is not followed strictly.

🌙 Ghost kitchens. Cook products without the need for a smoke outlet or qualified personnel

🚚 Ready to eat food producers. Ensure the correct regeneration of your products to enhance their full culinary potential.


Genera etiquetas
Centraliza los productos y dispositivos (2)
Controla la producción y consumos


We offer incremental licenses depending on the functionalities required by each organization.

We also offer the possibility of contracting the use of Sammic Sous Vide equipment through a subscription.

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Create all your elaborations in JANBY Track and cook using JANBY TAGs

3 months history data
Cooki programs using JANBY TAGs

Scan QR labels from your own commissary kitchen or a food producer

6 months history data
Cook programs using JANBY TAGs
Cook labelled food scanning their QR Code

Create QR labels for your commissary kitchen

Unlimited history data
Cook programs using JANBY TAGs
Cook labelled food scanning their QR Code
Create your own QR labels in JANBY Cloud

For Ready-to-Eat food producers

Unlimited history data
Cook programs using  JANBY TAGs
Cook labelled food scanning their QR Code
Create your own QR labels in JANBY Cloud


Chef and Founder of F.Cooking Group

Chef Enrique Fleischmann

"The JANBY Track is a revolutionary technology that is shaping the way we professionally cook Sous Vide. It makes Sous Vide accesible for anyone by automating the process, and making it safe. I've been cooking Sous Vide my whole career, and I can definitely say that this is what we were missig."

Director of Culinary and Food & Beverage operations at the Blue Duck Tavern, Park Hyatt Washington

Chef Jean Claude Plihon

"The JANBY Track has enabled to have full control of every Sous Vide process, from cooking and pasteurizatio to chilling and to retherming "


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