The JANBY Track adapts to the needs of all types of kitchens.

👨‍🍳 Professional kitchens

Problems finding skilled labor in the kitchen?

Cooks products without the need for a smoke outlet or qualified personnel.

🌙 Central kitchens and ghost kitchens

Problems scaling your menus?

Offer a wider menu offer while ensuring quality at every outlet.

🚚 Ready to Eat food producers

Do you want to offer a product with greater added value?

Ensure the quality of your products through the smart QR labels.

🏪 Franchises

Do you want to ensure the quality of your products in each franchisee?

Replicate the quality of your products anywhere in the world.

A turnkey system for the regeneration of your food🗝️

It establishes an agile and optimized system for the regeneration of dishes.

No need of smoke outlet 🔥


Reduce human mistakes🍳

With the JANBY Track and the smart QR traceability system, operations become automatic and unattended.



Guarantee food safety⚠️ 

Identify each batch and its expiration dates. You can discard batches with a single click from the JANBY Cloud.

Once a batch is discarded, scanning the QR label on the Track will trigger an alert.

Controla la producción y consumos (2)

Make the product information public📱

Allows the information related to the product to be visible when scanning the labels with a mobile.

Haz pública la información de tus productos

Centralize the elaboration information of each product🍽️

Define the elaboration processes of a product:







Centraliza las elaboraciones (2)

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Take your SmartVide to the next level

Create SmartVide programs and add additional controls such as pasteurization.

Print smart QR labels

Organize your food production and maintain traceability by product.

Ensure pasteurization

Ensure the pasteurization of your preparations with the control based on the FSIS tables.

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Get the most out of your Sammic equipment by combining it with the latest technology.

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